Pantry-Friendly Easy Party Snacks

Grocery List of Common Party & Pantry Snacks 

If you’re looking for quick and easy snacks to have in your pantry or on-hand when friends come over, then take a look at our grocery list template for essential snacks for your kitchen.We took a look at the top ten go-to snacks of the Out of Milk community and compiled a list of the essential snacks to have around for many occasions: after work, after class, after the gym, for yourself, or simple party snacks. for your next gathering or party, then look no further. Use our list of simple snack ideas for your party that are easy to make and then save them in your grocery list with Out of Milk – boom… done!

Potato Chips

Potato chips… the perfect savory snack to hit your carb cravings right in the spot. The beauty of potato chips are the variety of flavors. Some potato chip flavors from the past have proven quite…creative, as we’ve discovered with flavors like “Bacon Mac & Cheese” to “Wasabi Ginger” to “Pigs in a Blanket”. If that’s you thing, then go for it! Otherwise, you can never go wrong with some of the staples like kettle-cooked potato chips for that crunchy goodness or salt & vinegar for a double-tap of tangy and salty or even just cheddar. Get your chip game on-point for the summer BBQ season. Check out some of our grocery list templates for these occasions

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Speaking of bringing your chip game to a whole new level, you can never go wrong with nacho cheese, salsa and some tortilla chips. Nachos are undoubtedly a game day staple for your tail-gating party or if you’re just watching the game at home with friends or family. Make sure you always have a bag around to pop open for some casual snacking or if you’re having a party for the game or just a backyard barbecue.


If we’re talking about easy and cheap snacks, then we best be talking about popcorn. Not only a can you get all types of delicious popcorn, but it is also super important if you have a movie night. There’s nothing like passing around a bowl of popcorn to munch on when you’re watching some movies. Popcorn is also easy to store, so make sure to have some in your pantry ready to pop!

We also created a list of snacks for on-the-go eating and popcorn is a surprisingly great snacking solution, because of how portable, cheap, and simple to prepare it is.

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Sweet, savory…whatever you’re into. Crackers are the perfect bedrock for some reliable snacking adventures. Slice some cheddar cheese or spread some peanut butter on them. Whatever you do, crackers are a must-have for any snack enthusiast, because of their versatility. It is no wonder the Out of Milk community constantly has them on their grocery list.

Get inspired on what kinds of spreads you can put on crackers with our Grocery List Template of Common Spreads.


Among the most common snacks for kids and adults are bite-size pretzels. Sadly not the kind you get fresh at the concession stand, but still delivers the refreshing dose of sweet, sweet carbohydrates. Dip a bag of little pretzel in whatever you please… they’re like crackers that you can dip.

Granola Bars

Something we can enjoy in the cafeteria in elementary school as well as on our snack break working the 9-5. Snack breaks shouldn’t stop when we’re young students growing into the world … get yourself some Granola Bars to enjoy during your commute or while studying or when you’re just hanging out. Some granola bars pack a nice set of nutrients for us to carry our day on with max power.

Granola bars are somewhat of a luxury pantry item, but… what the heck… treat yourself!


Straight up peanuts or a mix of nuts are a wonderful and healthy snackable item. If your allergies permit, keep a can or bag of nuts around to get munch on while you enjoy some pleasure reading. Nuts go exceptionally well when you combine them in a trail mix of sorts, so think about mixing them in with dried fruit, coconut shavings, or even a little bit of chocolate. Mix and match your favorite trail mix with salted or sweet peanuts... you’ll be glad you did!

Dried Fruit

Previously mentioned, dried fruit is a wonderful choice for many occasions. If you need something to snack on when you get home, dried fruit like dried apple rings, dried cranberries, or apricots are there for you. Even if you need some power snacks for a weekend of camping in the wilderness or you’re concocting some trail mix, dried fruit is there for you. If you don’t want to break the bank on food at a music festival, dried fruit will give you everything you need for a low price. A medley of dried fruit is a tasty snack and fits well in the pantry as it holds longer than fresh fruit.

Protein Bars

Not your conventional pantry or kitchen snack item, but definitely a must-have if you’re leading a physically demanding lifestyle! Give your muscles the ingredients they need to grow after coming home from the gym or your weekly bootcamp class. Protein bars are a quick go-to snack for after a laborious day that requires a bit of physical recovery.


You probably didn’t expect this to be on the list, but indeed it is among some of the common snack items the Out of Milk community puts on their snack grocery list! Jerky is a promising snack, because you can just chew on it for awhile. It is also optimal for your pantry, because it holds for a long time.

Save this list of snacks as a grocery list and take it with you to the store!

Easy Snacks for Pantries & Parties

Easy, go-to snacks that you can grab from your pantry when you're hungry or when you're having friends over for a party or kick-back

  • Jerky
  • Protein Bars
  • Dried Fruit
  • Peanuts
  • Granola Bars
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Potato Chips